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The Chefs

IF you would like to be featured on the “Chefs” page, please send me an email with the subject line: “COOKS MISSION new chef”


  • Your name and url (if you have one)
  • A picture of yourself or of your food
  • A quick 3rd person bio.



Chef Smoothie Boy


Chef Smoothie Boy was born in upstate New York and raised by wolves. He learned to cook for himself at the age of 3 when he realized his wolf brothers hogged all the food. 11 years later, he was taken in by the OhhMay family and given a place to stay.

His specialties are frozen mozzarella sticks, Frihoffer’s French Bread Pizza, and chocolate syrup sandwiches.

Visit smoothie boy’s cooking blog at:

Smoothie Boy’s Recipes:

  • Chocolate syrup cous cous


Bio Picture-1

Jessica was born in South Carolina and has lived there her entire life. She enjoys cooking, baking, running, traveling, and reading books, among other things. Her passion has always been cooking and baking and specifically, baking cakes. She was just your average 21 year old college student until she recently decided to pursue her dream of culinary school, leaving the traditional college route behind. She hopes to one day open her own bakery and/or wedding cake business. You can find more about her at her blog, The Process of Healing.




Each chef will have a list of their recipes linked to the post. Their accomplishments: (3rd place in the bread, butter, and pumpkin competition, winner of the strawberry, wine, and rice competition, etc.) will also be included.


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