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Welcome to Cook’s Mission!

March 19, 2010

Cook’s Mission: The Mystery Basket Competition is a new, world wide cooking contest. Anyone can add their recipe!

Here’s how it works:

  • Each week, a basket of 2-3 mystery ingredients is announced on SATURDAY MORNING so competitors can pick up ingredients over the weekend.
  • The competitors create an original recipe utilizing all the mystery ingredients.
  • IF the competitor has a blog, they can post their recipe to their blog and email the link to cooksmission [at]
  • IF the competitor doesn’t have a blog, or doesn’t wish to post the recipe they can email 2 photos, a description paragraph, and their recipe to cooksmission [at]
  • Each submission will have its own post.
  • Each contender can submit an unlimited number of recipes.
  • Recipes submitted by Tuesday night will be put up Wednesday mid-day, recipes submitted by  Thursday night will be put up Friday mid-day.
  • Submissions after Thursday night will be posted as they come, but don’t leave much time for voters.
  • Voters leave a comment on their favorite recipe to place a vote.
  • Each voter can only vote once each day. The second vote will be voided.
  • Each voter can only vote once for each recipe.
  • Voting is closed Sunday Night and winners are announced.
  • The top three choose the ingredients for the competition after next (so they have time to make their decision).
  • “Cook’s Mission Champions” will receive a prize… As soon as I figure out what that will be! 😛

Visit the Rules and Regulations page for more details. Have fun!! 🙂


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